211 E. Green St. Urbana, IL


Emergency, After Hour, Maintenance Criteria

In an effort to ensure the safety and security of all of our tenants, and to keep the lines of
communication clear on what constitutes an emergency after hour maintenance call, here are a few examples of items that would qualify.

-Gas: In the event of any gas leak, please leave the property first, and then call Ameren
directly at 1-(800)-755-5000.
-Plumbing: An uncontainable leak that is actively causing damage to the surrounding fixtures or has the potential to.
-Roof/Ceiling: We would like to be made aware of these as soon as possible.

Life Safety Issues
-Malfunctioning or non-operational Smoke/CO Detector after you have checked, and
replaced, the battery.
-In the event of a fire: Please call 911 first before reaching out to us.
-As a reminder, if you are locked out of your residence and need to be let in after hours there is a $50 fee that is due to the agent at the time you are let back in (Lease Item #7).

Plumbing and Sewer
-Sewage backup.
-An unusable toilet when there is only one available in a residence.
-No hot water if it will be longer than 24 hours before a technician can come (i.e. The heater fails on Saturday, and the next business day is Monday).

Temperature Issues
-No functioning heat and you are unable to maintain a temperature of 60° F (15° C) in your residence.
-No air conditioning when the outside temperature is above 90° F (32° C).

For after-hours emergencies, please contact Mary at (217) 840-4988 or Rebecca (217) 565-9913.

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