211 E. Green St. Urbana, IL

Management FAQ

Your fee is more expensive than others I have looked into.  Why?

Our management fee is a bit higher than other property managers in the area.  There are a few reasons for this.  We have an excellent reputation with both cities – Champaign & Urbana – and the Tenant Union.  We use independent contractors instead of employees for maintenance, so your property is not responsible for keeping them busy 40 hours a week.  We believe by using independent contractors, we decrease your costs.  We do not mark up any maintenance costs – you are billed what the contractor is paid.

What is the 10% coordination fee?

The 10% coordination fee is a fee applied to all insurance claims and projects in excess of $10,000.

Why am I required to maintain a minimum balance?

We require all owners to maintain a minimum balance in addition to any security deposits for the property, in the account that we manage.  This is to ensure that we have funds available for any needed maintenance and/or any emergency that may arise.

What is the minimum balance?

The minimum balance is highly dependent on the type and condition of the property(ies) that you are wanting managed.  The more units the property has or those properties that require more maintenance to bring them up to a rentable condition will require larger minimum balances.

What does your lease look like?

Our Sample Lease is located under Forms and Documents under Rentals.

What is your typical pet policy?

We typically allow up to two pets in our properties for a one time pet fee of $250; however, this policy can be altered to meet the owner’s wishes.  Our Pet Addendum is under Forms and Documents under Rentals.