To schedule a showing of any of our available properties, please call the office at (217)384-8001. We typically show Monday-Friday between 10 am and 4 pm. We must inform the current tenants of the showing the day prior.

Key pick up is located at our office at 211 E. Green Street in Urbana, Illinois. You can pick up your keys as of 10 am on the day your lease begins.

You can either mail, drop rent off at our office or pay through our online portal. We accept checks and money orders in the office and echecks for debit/credit payments online.

Yes, we do allow subleasing. Please refer to our “forms and documents” page for a detailed instruction on the subleasing process.

We require a one-time fee of $250 that allows up to 2 animals with no breed or size restriction on dogs. Some properties only allow cats, while a few do not allow pets at all. Ambassador West Condo Association only allows 1 pet and has restrictions on pet size. Be sure to check for your unit.

Please visit our “Local Services” page for utility contact information. Refer to your lease to see which utilities you are responsible to pay.

You can sumbit a work order on our website, through email or your tenant portal or by phone. If the office is closed, you can leave the request in a message. We have emergency contacts listed on our voicemail and website. If your work order is an emergency, please contact one of our emergency contacts.

Emergencies are issues that pose a risk. Typically these are things such as flooding, fire and physical harm. If you are not sure, you can ask the emergency contact.

Keys are due to our office by 9 am on the day your lease ends. If your keys are kept later than this, you are subject to additional fees.

Security deposits are process and mailed out within 30 days of the end of your lease. You will be given copies of all deductions and a final ledger. Please be sure to give us your forwarding address so that we can mail it directly to you.

Management FAQ

Our management fee is a bit higher than other property managers in the area. There are a few reasons for this. We have an excellent reputation with both cities – Champaign & Urbana – and the Tenant Union. We use independent contractors instead of employees for maintenance, so your property is not responsible for keeping them busy 40 hours a week. We believe by using independent contractors, we decrease your costs. We do not mark up any maintenance costs – you are billed what the contractor is paid.

The 10% coordination fee is a fee applied to all insurance claims and projects in excess of $10,000.

We require all owners to maintain a minimum balance in addition to any security deposits for the property, in the account that we manage. This is to ensure that we have funds available for any needed maintenance and/or any emergency that may arise.

The minimum balance is highly dependent on the type and condition of the property(ies) that you are wanting managed. The more units the property has or those properties that require more maintenance to bring them up to a rentable condition will require larger minimum balances.

Our Sample Lease is located under Forms and Documents under Rentals.

We typically allow up to two pets in our properties for a one time pet fee of $250; however, this policy can be altered to meet the owner’s wishes. Our Pet Addendum is under Forms and Documents under Rentals.