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“My wife and I rented from The Weiner Companies and they were fantastic. We worked with both Kelli and David and they helped us out. Towards the end of our rental, during the really cold Vortex Storm that came through, we lost power and pipes burst. The Weiner Companies made sure my wife and I were well taken care of and helped find us hotel accommodations until the plumbing company came to fix everything. Huge thumbs up to The Weiner Companies.”

“My husband and I were in a hurry to relocate from Singapore and moved into 212 East John Champaign IL in July 2021. (Without reading up reviews) We were horrified when we finally get to read some reviews AFTER we moved in. Looking back, we thank God for how things worked. We would have missed the best 2 years of our rental experience in a foreign land. ALL that we experienced were opposite of what we read and we made sure to always let Weiner know they did well in their once yearly feedback collation from tenants.”

“We are extremely grateful to the team for making our stay comfortable. Specifically, David whom we first got in touch with for virtual tour and facilitated the handover, Danny our property manager whom we can always reach via his office direct line and assisted us the best he could. Also Mary and her assistants who ALWAYS show up following day to inspect or rectify issues when we submit a request.”

“Weiner has far exceeded our expectations and surprised us in many ways that we could not have asked for more. To be fair, there is no perfect rental place. The team worked hard to always go extra mile.”

“Classic quaint Urbana properties and responsive helpful leasing office. Just call and they will help with whatever you need”

“I am a long time tenant with Weiner Companies and have rented multiple different properties from them throughout the years. I have had experiences with other management companies within the Champaign-Urbana area and continue to hold WC with the highest regard! Their properties are well maintained and the prices are very reasonable. The staff are always courteous and quick to respond to any questions or maintenance concerns. Their realtors Heidi and Cathy are great too. Cathy is helping us to find our first home! The owner Kelli and her amazing staff are the reason why I keep coming back and continue to recommend their services to anyone looking to rent or buy in the CU area!”

“My experience there for my dad was very great from a girl named Bree she was awesome every time I call she answered my questions I could call 56 times a day she never got annoyed always had a beautiful spirit she’s awesome this is whiners company in Urbana Illinois I wouldn’t trade it for the world for my dad right now I’m glad we came across you guys you were very helpful patient and you’re very very nice people everyone in the front are nice people with Bria was the one who took care of my dad’s application and she’s awesome young lady just awesome”

“**Showings of Property**

Noticed that Weiner Companies had the most attractive properties and ease of use per their website. At the Time “702 S Sunny LN” was available, so scheduled a time/date to come view since I didn’t live in the area as of yet. Being from out of town and trying to find a good area to live can be a task that has to be decided within a day or hours.

Male Agent from Weiner showed up and allowed us to view the “702 S Sunny LN” property. Property was still needing a thorough cleaning and wasn’t impressed… we continued on our quest to look throughout the day. While taking a break….got a call from an Female agent explaining that we need to decide if we liked the property or not due to someone else wanting to look into it (not in the most welcoming tone)….I advised to her that I’m from out of town and need more time to decide as this was all new for me…gave us till noon and we decided we would keep looking.

Afternoon came and we found the “2306 E Delaware Ave” property that was in a good area and reasonable priced. Female Agent showed up to the property and allowed us to view it. Only things that needed to be corrected was the multitude of holes in Bedroom door and painting of the walls. Since I was to move in the following week the repainting of the house wasn’t promised since it was a quick turnaround but they would do their best to adhere to getting it done. Satisfied with the viewing and signed contract for a 16-Month Lease (12 Months plus 4 months left over from previous tenants Lease).


Moved into the House and Weiner had fixed the door as well as repainting the home….I was impressed with the quick turnaround and will say they are good with Completing Work Orders in a timely manner.

Also they will show your property to other potential tenants while you are still currently living in the house…….notification of the viewings were always sent to me ahead of time. I only had one incident were potential tenant tossed a Yogurt Cup across my driveway and its contents were littered across my vehicle.

**Moving Out**

Only 2 of the 3 rooms were used. During my stay I did not repaint any walls and hung few items via Nails or Screws as it provided a secure attachment to the walls. All in all there were less than or equal to 10 holes in the wall. Here are some of the items that can affect Security Deposit:

*Cleaning Fees – There’s an itemized list that they will use to ensure the property is in tip-top shape….I tried to clean every crook and nanny of the house, but moving out under a deadline and relocating to a different state isn’t going to allow you an infinite amount of time…I will say be sure to Dust Blinds, clean Kitchen Drawers, Dishwasher, Bathfoom, Refrigerator, etc.

*Carpet Cleaning – You can schedule to have someone clean the carpet or Weiner will provide the services themselves..the price that they deducted from my Security Deposit was inline with any other professional cleaning service around the area.

*Painting Fees – House was repainted before I moved in and I never repainted anything during my residence at the property…so upon moving out there were scuffs from Normal Wear and Tear, but no holes or paint damage was visible in the house..outside of the holes that were used to hang stuff. Weiner will also provide patching and paint services at the expense of your security deposit. You could possibly due this yourself, but they may end up still charging to repaint the property anyways….this is a grey area for me in terms of doing it yourself vs allowing them or a paid professional. Once again if the work is done by yourself or another professional…is it to their standard and will it deduct from your Security Deposit?

Total Price (per Weiner standards):

Cleaning after Move out: $63.89
Painting after Move out: $131.09
Carpet Shampoo after Move Out: $120.00
Total: $314.98 out of $1105.11 Security Deposit

Would I rent from Weiner again? Yes….they are great to work with as a Leasing Company when leasing.”

“My experience with Weiner has been nothing but excellent from everyone with whom I have had the pleasure of speaking. They are quick with responding to questions and make managing property easy with no hassle.”

“Logan has been so helpful and has gone above and beyond to not only getting us moved in. But he has checked in on us to make sure everything is going okay, or to let us know the status of things. He has stayed on top of the work orders we submitted and his communication makes things run smoothly.. We have been here a couple months and all the request that we made for the property has all been done! Prior to moving in we were skeptical because alot of work needed to be done and there was some miscommunication with Heidi) but Logan promised that everything would be taken care of and that we were in really good hands. Honestly if it wasnt for Logan reassurance my husband and I would not have signed the lease. Logan is awesome at what he does and my husband agrees. As of now We have no complaints .”

“Loved my experience with them. Renting in Champaign is always a little sketchy on service, but we had no problems. It wasn’t spotless when we moved in, but they let us move in early. When we didn’t get our full deposit back, they were able to correct it and give us what we deserved. And they were always pretty quick to repair things. They were also one of the few places in town with ANY pet friendly apartments. Would recommend!

Great agency that wants to help you be approved for your dream place.”

“My name is Marlene Davis I live in Texas. Weiner Companies managed my property in Urban Illinois for 20 years until I sold the property in May 2022. They took care of everything, and price was reasonable. They involved me when their was large money expenditures needed like storm damage to the roof. I would highly recommend them.”

“The rental process was smooth from start to finish. They set up a showing for us and we were able to sign the lease within a few days. The online portal is fantastic for signing documents, paying rent, and submitting maintenance requests. We had an issue with our AC unit the second day here and they promptly sent someone out to fix it. Everyone we’ve talked with has been kind, professional, and knowledgeable.”

“We renewed our lease twice and would have continued the lease till graduation if not for the need to move into a bigger place for my sister to move in together. This will be a place I recommend to my nephew and niece when they enroll for college here.”

“The condition of home was not exactly the best. To be fair it’s an old apartment and we cannot expect the posh hotel furnishings. We took a while to clean up the place too as we moved in during pandemic and there were shortages of work staff all over the country. What was most important to us was Weiner’s lovely people responded real quick to maintainance requests.

Thank you Team Weiner.”