211 E. Green St. Urbana, IL

Local Services

Utilities     Other Important Numbers  
Gas/Electric: AmerenIP: (800)755-5000 Urbana non-emergency police: (217)384-2320
Water: Illinois American Water: (800)422-2782 Urbana non-emergency fire: (217)384-2420
Trash Hauling: Cook’s Sanitary Hauling: (217)356-6770 Champaign non-emergency police: (217)333-8911
  Central Waste Services: (217)367-2278 Champaign non-emergency fire: (217)403-7200
  ABC Sanitary Hauling: (217)356-0909 Champaign County Crime Stoppers: (217)373-8477
  Dale Levitt: (217)344-3000    
  Klean Way: (217)356-2818          
Cable/Internet: Comcast: (800)934-6489    
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